Shared Values:


* There is a sharp shortage in medical supplies in Sudan (WHO estimates 60% deficit)

* Diaspora Organizations have a duty to support People in Sudan

* Nonprofit organizations complement but not replace the role of MOH in delivering care

       Since 2015, SAMA has been importing Medical Supplies to Sudan from the USA, this started by Air shipments and matured into a 40-foot container shipped by sea. The supplies are predominantly sterile, high quality, medical consumable supplies, in addition to durable, nonelectric medical equipment. The distribution of supplies is aligned with the Sudan Ministry of Health's needs.

        For the 4th Container, SAMA is teaming up with the Sudan Doctors Union of Ireland The. This partnership increases the number of containers shipped to Sudan (increase from 1 containers per year to 2 containers per year).


The estimated value of the Medical Supplies is $400,000.00


  • Durable instruments for Labor and Delivery, OBGYN major and minor operating rooms.  


  • Flexible Fiber-optic Bronchoscope (7)

These bronchoscopes allow the pulmonologist to perform bronchoscopy and the anesthesiologist to intubate patients with a difficult airway

  • Dermatomes (2)

are electrical devices used to obtain skin grafts. They are mainly used in patients with Burns, or require reconstructive procedures

  • Client
  • Budget
  • Duration
    15 Days

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