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Since its prime establishment, the Sudanese Doctors Union of Ireland (SDUI) has been a formidable entity with seamless efforts and sheer dedication to promote all aspects pertinent to the Sudanese doctors expats within the Republic of Ireland, with a wide scope of variety including academic workshops, professional development activities, social events and exhibiting overt solidarity stances with the regional issues and current health challenges, practices and work related environment in Sudan.

Registered as a verified nonprofit organization in the Irish CRO Records, the SDUI has always been thriving and striving to accomplish its role and deliver the message that we were entitled and obliged to bear and deliver flawlessly. In order to meet such high expectations of our hardly earned prolific output to both Sudanese community in Ireland and the impact we induce in Sudan, the SDUI has been dependent on its own resources for sponsoring its own campaigns, cover the cost for local events, supply seasonal missions in Sudan, all to maintain a solid adherence to our great values we share proudly with our community.

Traditionally,  monthly subscription fees of SDUI members has been the main source of financial input to the organization to meet the needs for our projects, in addition to seasonal and periodic fundraising campaigns either via public events in Ireland or using online and digital platform for donations to participate in public causes.

Nowadays with the holistic advancement and renovation in the vision of the executive committee of SDUI, our annual projects and collaborative initiatives have been more demanding, to name some of these as instance:

  • Annual campaign and fundraising from SDUI charity tournaments

  • LIFE Box campaign sustainability

  • SDUI Annual Symposium

  • Seasonal Academic prime quality and related theme workshops with expert and renowned speakers.

  • Seasonal social events and gatherings

  • Novel and creative initiatives overseas targeting Sudan health environment with other international bodies and organizations

Therefore, establishing a sustainable and relatively constant source of income has always been a challenge for us, and we thought maximizing the contribution and cementing its stability from our members and community would be the most realistic and pragmatic priority.

Consequently, as genuine endeavor from the SDUI executive committee we sought the initiation of online subscription plans for SDUI members as an alternative but not substituent to the classic method of monthly Direct Debit through bank account, the subscription fees shall remain unchanged with little extra cost for online subscription to cover expenses of taxes.

The benefits of being SDUI member includes unexclusively:

  • Up to %50 discount in subscription fees in SDUI academic workshops and SDUI Annual Symposium

  • Up to %50 discount in subscription fees in social events

  • Priority in registration in limited seats events

  • Right to vote in SDUI Annual General Meetings


Eventually, we appreciate all the contribution you have made to the SDUI community in the past, and we are looking forward for your generous participation to reshape our promised Future.

for further details please follow ythe link below for our membership plans:

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